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6 Nations Tickets

Please see below the link for the 6 Nations home games.

The SRU would prefer requests for 2 tickets but I am happy to put forward for four as long as you realise you might only end up with two. I suspect that will be more true for England rather than France. Anyway:

If you wish to apply the deadlines are as follows:

  • Deadline for individual applications: Monday 9th September
  • Deadline for SRU confirming Club Allocation: Friday 4th October
  • Deadline for Payments to Club: Friday 18th October
Now, a few points to note.
  1. You must have registered with the SRU and received a number
  2. Contrary to popular belief Clubs will receive priority over public so you can apply direct but …..
  3. Unlike previous years when I have been nice this year there will be NO period of grace for paying to Club. Anyone who has got tickets but not paid, in full, by 18th October falls out of the list and will be removed from the details given to the SRU. So no tickets.
  4. Definitely for England I would suspect that Bronze tickets will be most popular so the chances of getting more than two are slimmer. At the higher levels it might be easier. Another option, but no guarantees, might be to apply for a mix of tickets in two categories. 

Lastly. I have NO idea yet about Away Games other than that I suspect I will have fewer to allocate and judging from emails already received there will be a big demand. Book accommodation in advance at your peril!!!



Link to application form:

6 Nations Club Application Home 2020

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